Small Layer Cake

Brigadeiro Bakery

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Our 7” round cake has 3 layers and serves about 10-15 slices.  

Choose your favorite flavor and enjoy!

Chocolate - Super moist chocolate cake, creamy chocolate Brigadeiro frosting, chocolate sprinkles. Regular or Gluten-Free options available.

Carrot - Brazilian style carrot cake, creamy chocolate Brigadeiro frosting, chocolate crunch balls. Regular or Gluten Free options are available.

Two Lovers - Classic vanilla cake, chocolate and dulce de leche Brigadeiro, and chocolate crunch balls.

Coconut - Traditional yellow cake, coconut, and dulce de leche frosting and coconut flakes.

Churro - Fluffy cinnamon cake, creamy dulce de leche, cinnamon sugar.

Bem Casado - Sponge cake, creamy dulce de leche, confectioners sugar

Prestigio - Super moist chocolate cake, two layers of dulce de leche with coconut, chocolate Brigadeiro frosting and coconut flakes on top.



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