Valentine's Brigadeiro Fondue Experience

Brigadeiro Bakery

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Pre order starts on Jan 15th. Valentine's Day Fondue Experience start shipping on Jan 24th, 2022.


1 jar 8oz chocolate brigadeiro (microwavable)

1 jar 8oz dulce de leche (microwavable)

11 assorted dipping cookies (lips / hearts / keys and wafers)

1 jar 2oz hot strawberry jam

1 microwavable bag of red chocolate drizzle

1 bag 2oz dark chocolate sprinkles

1 bag 2oz valentine's themed sprinkles

Instruction card


This will fondue will guarantee the most fun and why not to say "sexy" experience this Valentine's Day. Indulging chocolate brigadeiro and silky dulce de leche + assorted themed cookies in three flavors, sprinkles, icing and a spicy strawberry jam for dipping, spreading, and creating combinations as your creativity allows. Add your favorite fresh fruits for extra flavor. The jars are microwavable making this dessert easy to enjoy anytime and anywhere.